John Lee

John Lee
The University of Newcastle, Australia · School of Education

Doctor of Philosophy
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John Lee is a PhD Candidate at the School of Education, University of Newcastle. John does research in Cosmology and the Environment. The current project is 'Values and Science in Contemporary Education: the Study and Impact of Student Orientation'. This is an in-depth investigation of Optimism and Pessimism of 15 year old students regarding the future of the Environment. Another area of interest is 'Care of the Outer Space Environment'.
Additional affiliations
January 2021 - present
  • Head of Faculty
  • Care of the Outer Space environment.
January 2017 - present
The University of Newcastle, Australia
  • PhD Student
  • Research regarding an in-depth understanding of the Optimism and Pessimism that 15-year old students feel towards the future of the environment over the next 20 years. Includes Natural Planet Earth, Inner Space and Outer Space environments.


Projects (2)
The goal is to demonstrate the Convergence (or otherwise) of Science and Spirituality by a Quantitative analysis of several key indicators of Society, in the period 1950 to the present.