Joanna Aldhous

Joanna Aldhous
Edinburgh Napier University · School of Computing

Bachelor of Science with First Class Honours in Creative Computing


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Primarily I'm interested in human computer interaction (HCI), user experience (UX), and cognition. I'm a pragmatist who prefers mixed methods to get a the full picture of what's happening combining both statistical analysis of data and qualitative methods such as interviews and observation. Currently I'm investigating UX standards and guidelines for technology from the fourth industrial revolution (automation, robotics, artificial intelligence (AI), and extended reality (XR) for my PhD.


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The rubber hand illusion (RHI) is a body ownership illusion whereby congruently stroking a fake rubber hand and a subject's hidden hand while observing the rubber hand produces the illusion of them feeling the touch on the rubber hand and experiencing the rubber hand to be part of their own body. The parameters of the RHI have not been fully define...


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I have seen conflicting information, with some stating that the use of subjects is deprecated and the term participants should be used in psychology studies. is this correct, as the term subjects relates to statistical terminology. APA state the use of the term subjects is acceptable, but several sources I've seen state it should be discontinued? for example: 
When should each term be used or is one correct?
I'm looking for people to review my first study paper and advise me on ways of improving it, before I finalise it proper for peer review. I've attached a PDF of my initial paper.
It's HCI research I did for a project relating to cognition, body ownership and the self-attribution of body parts based on the 'Rubber hand illusion'. 
In an effort to be helpful I have added some pointers for the review: 
  • Please can you indicate the strengths and weaknesses of the work/paper.
  • Evaluate if the science is high quality, objective, appropriate and adequately explained?
  • Is the paper readable? - Can you follow the results? Do the tables and illustrations make sense?
  • What are your recommendations?
Please email any feedback to
Thanks in advance for your help.


Project (1)
The project is based on an existing study referred to as the ‘Rubber Hand Illusion’ (Botvinick & Cohen, 1998) where subjects reported the curious sensation that an artificial rubber hand felt like their own hand. The results reported in the Rubber Hand Illusion (RHI) state a combination of visuotactile stimulation create the illusion, allowing for the self-attribution of the artificial rubber hand. This project investigates the constraints of the illusion to explore if it occurs when a virtual hand is used and minimal parameters are applied. In addition, this study reproduces the original RHI to investigate if the results can be repeated using the same experimental design. There are several aims for the project. The first is to build upon previous studies to add to the body of work relating to Body Ownership Illusions in the field of behavioural science. The second is to understand if combining visuotactile stimulation to an anatomically correct virtual hand can also create a sense of body ownership as this may have implications for other areas such as first person gaming and education. The third is that there is potential if proven to write and have a study publicly published and this would help if undertaking a PhD in future.