Joana Baptista

Joana Baptista
University of Lisbon | UL · Institute of Geography and Territorial Planning


Project (1)
The Antarctic Peninsula is one of Earth’s regions with strongest air temperature increase in the last six decades. The impacts are well known on glaciers, ice-shelves and sea-ice, but still little is known in what concerns to the impacts of climate change on permafrost. This project continues the research of the PERMANTAR team, aiming at increasing the understanding of the changes in the ice-free terrestrial environments associated to permafrost. The proposed research will take place across a number of observatories of the Global Terrestrial Network for Permafrost along c. 450 km in the Western Antarctic Peninsula, from Palmer to King George Island and aims at: instrumentation maintenance and upgrading, data collection, detailed geomorphological and vegetation mapping and drilling of a new permafrost borehole (8-14m) in Barton Peninsula.