Jia Lu

Jia Lu
Tsinghua University | TH · Department of Thermal Engineering

Doctor of Engineering


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The mirror-like reflection image of the road surface under grazing-angle scattering can be easily observed in daily life. It was suggested that road surface mirages may occur due to a light-enhancing effect of the rough surface under grazing-angle scattering. The main purpose of this work is to explain the light-enhancing mechanism of rough surface...
To deal with the staircase approximation problem in the standard finite-difference time-domain (FDTD) simulation, the two-dimensional boundary condition equations (BCE) method is proposed in this paper. In the BCE method, the standard FDTD algorithm can be used as usual, and the curved surface is treated by adding the boundary condition equations....
A kind of concave silicon complex grating based on the superposition of multiple simple silicon gratings with different groove depths (ridge heights) is proposed for a potential application as an absorber for solar cells in the visible and near-infrared wavelength regions. For simple binary gratings, the associated absorptance peak is narrowband an...


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In this project, we are exploring the mechanism of mirages observed from rough road surfaces, which maybe explained as a scattering-enhancing phenomenon at grazing angles. Road mirage has been historically and widely attributed to the graded refractive index layer of air over the road with graded temperature layer, and maybe related to the off-specular reflection. In this study, FDTD method is used to analyze the propagation of EM waves in media, across and over surfaces.