Jessica Harvey-Carroll

Jessica Harvey-Carroll
University of St Andrews · School of Psychology and Neuroscience

PhD Animal Behaviour University of St Andrews


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I am a PhD researcher investigating the effects of stress on animal behaviour. My research interests lie in behavioural ecology, conservation, ethology and welfare.


Questions (5)
Hi, I have a lot of videos (4x 24 hours in 2 min bins, for ~40 animals. Animals recorded in groups of 4 ) which I need to analyse circadian activity from. I have tried the automated tracking programs however I have been limited by my computers RAM (deeplabcut just crashes) and the noise in the videos (the animals are relatively well camouflaged so processing to isolate doesn't really work.)
The only way I have had any luck is using manual tracking in the imageJ TrackMate plugin.
Are there any other program which are typically used for manual tracking of activity? TrackMate gives me most of the information I need however I just want to check if anyone has any better recommendations I might have missed.
I've tried (with no luck):
-Animal tracking (imageJ plugin)
-Manual Track in imageJ
-A couple of the less common automated ones which I forget the name of!
I'm completely happy to do manual tracking so not after suggestions for automated/ semi-automated tracking software! Due to the housing of the animals semi-automated does not work. Also needs to be opensource!
Thanks a million in advance!
Does anyone have any experience of marking animals to identify individuals under infrared? It seems either IR reflective tape or a space blanket is the way to go. Just wondering if there are any other options I've missed/ if anyone had found one works better than the others (I'm concerned about the resolution of the markings not showing).
Is it possible to view/record luminescence from luciferase on a standard confocal microscope? Some articles seem to be saying about needing a microscope with a CCD camera, is this the only requirement to view luminescence?
Many thanks,
Just wondering if anyone has experience with tagging the PER2 protein? Seems to be that both the C and N terminus have important interactions with other proteins, so was wondering if anyone had done this without disrupting the protein function?
Thanks a million!
I'm hoping to GFP tag an endogenous gene via CRISPR so I can live image protein expression. I'm new to CRISPR and would really appreciate any advice or comments on the design I'm thinking of using.
CRISPR design;
  • Homology directed repair (HDR)
  • Using a nickase Cas9 (as in Koch et al., 2018 )
  • Use single stranded oligodeoxynucleotides (ssODN) (as in Yoshimi et al., 2016, Wang et al., 2017)
  • Flexible linker region to join the GFP with endogenous protien
  • Potentially integrate RAD promotor on the cas9 to encourage the use of the HDR pathway (Wang et al., 2017)
Again, any comments are really appreciated. Thanks so much!


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