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- Answer questions about basic ecology of jackals in Europe and Africa - Provide information needed for appropriate management decisions
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We collect chance observations and systematically perform acoustic surveys in areas of question. This might confirm the presence of territorial golden jackal groups. We also try to communicate information on this relatively unknown member of Austria´s fauna.
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To understand all stages of European jackal natural colonization: arrival, spreading, establishing of survival clusters Golden jackal natural recolonization of southeastern Europe or colonization of all European bio-geographic regions from Mediterranean, Steppic, Panonian to Boreal regions, seems to be characterized by long-distance dispersal pattern (LDD) as suggested in October 2014 during the First International Jackal Symposium (Veliko Gradiste, Serbia). This is not in accordance to short-distance dispersal (SDD) suggested by Fabbri et al in NW Croatia and NE Italy. LDD is a challenge to demonstrate it but a lot of works started and seems that yes the remote area survival reproductive groups are the base for success of establishing new populations out of known range. SDD is typical to invasive alien species and jackal, at least for now, is not an IAS. The Golden jackal invasiveness, should be carefully assessed and in regions with high invasibility degree to be differentiate of the erroneously discussed IAS (invasive alien species) nomenclature, which in case of the Golden jackal was largely assessed by several European research groups and scientific community (European Commission ALERT: Jackal should not be considered as IAS in Europe).
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