Jakub Tkáč

Jakub Tkáč
Czech Technical University in Prague | ČVUT · Department of Computer Graphics and Interaction (FEL)

Master of Science


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Cellular automaton models of complex systems (CSs) are gaining greater popularity; simultaneously, they have proven the capability to solve real scientific and engineering applications. To enable everybody a quick penetration into the core of this type of modeling, three real applications of cellular automaton models, including selected open source...
The purposes of this software are manifold: (i) It serves as an introduction to the modeling of dynamic recrystallization by cellular automata and to complex systems modeling by cellular automata in general. (ii) There is a big demand to have in hands an open-source software that can serve as an example to similar software that might be developed i...
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This video presents numerical experiments done by the software "Cellular Automaton Simulation of Dynamic Recrystallization: Introduction" (https://www.researchgate.net/publication/316989956_Cellular_Automaton_Simulation_of_Dynamic_Recrystallization_Introduction). This software was developed by Jakub Tkac according to the original software that was...
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The aim of this thesis is to design, implement and visualize a cellular automaton simulating dynamic recrystallization. Implementation of the algorithm was based on the scientific publication, doctoral thesis and existing code in CellLang. The created software serves as a springboard for programming of complex systems on some suitable example. The...
In this document, we explain diagrams commonly used in software engineering. We included graphical representation of each diagram to help you understand the main aspects of the program faster and easier. Additional documentation is located directly in the program code, mainly in files with ".h" extensions. Link to source code: ( https://www.resear...
This page contains the executable version of the project [ https://www.researchgate.net/publication/316989956_Cellular_Automaton_Simulation_of_Dynamic_Recrystallization_Introduction_into_Self-Organization_and_Emergence ] for the MacOS system. Creating the executable package for MacOS was done by @Peter_Bocan. For details about the project, please,...


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The first goal is to disseminate a knowledge of the core of complex systems in an easy to follow form among all who would like to know more about it. The most important goal is to enable everybody to reach the state when he/she can design complex systems giving desired output what is very difficult task using the contemporary available tools. It is necessary to study literally thousands of complex systems (CSs), and only then, it is possible to reach the edge of all what is known about CSs. Prior to publication a review paper about CSs in biology and medicine, the poster https://www.researchgate.net/publication/305751754_COMPLEX_SYSTEMS_AND_THEIR_USE_IN_BIOMEDICAL_RESEARCH_MATHEMATICAL_CONCEPTS_OF_SELF-ORGANIZATION_AND_EMERGENCE serves as a good starting point to all who are interested in backgrounds of CSs in medicine and biology. It is a really exciting area of research, which has a great future and very probably will quickly lead to the development of personalized medicine. The work on it already begun (see the project "Classification of ECGs and Prediction of Arrhythmias"). Review paper serving as a concise starting point to study https://www.researchgate.net/publication/330546521_Complex_Systems_and_Their_Use_in_Medicine_Concepts_Methods_and_Bio-Medical_Applications