Iris Weiche

Iris Weiche
University of Tuebingen | EKU Tübingen · Institute for Prehistory and Early History and Medieval Archaeology



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Iris Weiche currently works at the Institute for Prehistory and Early History and Medieval Archaeology, University of Tuebingen. Iris does research in Animal/Primate behavior, Zoology and Evolutionary Biology. Their most recent publication is 'Social Relationships among Immatures and Adult Non-Mothers of Captive Gorilla g. gorilla.'
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January 1994 - May 2009
University of Tuebingen
  • PhD, Research Associate, lecturing


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The past few decades have seen a burgeoning of scientific studies on great apes’ use of nests for sleeping in the wild, as well as their nesting behavior and sleep in captivity. We review recent advances in knowledge of these topics, with the aim of promoting information exchange between people working in the field and with captive great apes. We t...
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In captivity, gorilla females are exchanged between zoos. Integration processes might be accompanied by aggression from resident females towards the immigrant. Group size as well as individual factors are thought to influence frequency of aggression. For the present study, four introductions of females into three different captive groups were obser...
Field studies on gorilla sleeping sites usually emphasize environmental influences on nest site selection, as individual nesting behaviours are usually not observed directly. In captivity, nesting behaviour and influencing factors are often overlooked. In the present study, the sleeping sites of members of a captive group of 16-21 gorillas were ana...
Includes bibliographical references (p. 214-234). Dissertation--Universität Tübingen, 2006. Female primates--are gorillas special? An introduction -- General material and methods -- Social stratification in captive gorilla females -- Social conflicts in adult captive gorillas : I. Group level analysis -- Social conflicts in adult captive gorillas :...


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