Hollie Rachael Riddell

Hollie Rachael Riddell
Bangor University · School of Environment, Natural Resources and Geography

Bachelor of Science


I am currently researching the environmental impacts across different production systems (lowland, upland and hill) associated with lamb production. This includes greenhouse gas emissions (CH4 and N2O), water use and quality (eutrophication), air quality (acidification), land use and resource use. Methodologies include use of a GreenFeed system to measure ruminant methane and use of mobile soil gas measurement systems to determine gas burdens from animal wastes. LCA techniques will be used to determine the subsequent environmental footprint. I have previously completed a carbon footprint of venison production in Scotland. I have a keen interest in sustainable agriculture, climate change and ecosystem services.
Additional affiliations
September 2017 - April 2018
Scotland's Rural College
  • Honours Thesis: Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Venison Production in Scotland
  • Completion of my undergraduate degree involved my honours thesis. I created a model to quantify emissions from farmed venison in Scotland and determine an emissions intensity associated with the product.
September 2015 - July 2018
The University of Edinburgh
Field of study
  • Environmental Resource Management


Project (1)
Investigate differences in emission factors for upland sheep farming systems and use the collected data to create a more accurate carbon footprint for the product. Consider other environmental impacts (e.g. ammonia, eutrophication) to create an environmental footprint.