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After hundreds of hours of research and preparation, I'm done with the presentation "Rethinking Career Choice: Why 80,000 Hours should give us Pause"! Feedback (positive or negative) is more than appreciated so please let me know what you think!


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Hi there
I’m looking for connections to pursue a master’s.
I’m creating a podcast/Youtube channel called Not your typical questions with Hashem https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCnBA2hOjpj3lotdlqhAactQ/playlists where I ask people unusual questions.
Here is the background behind it
I’m interested in doing a master’s to act as the theoretical bedrock of this podcast. The theory in the master’s will guide the practice and vice versa (e.g. If the books recommend asking hypothetical questions to unlock creativity then I can emphasize hypothetical questions in the podcast. Also, in order to formulate my thesis, , I can analyze the episodes I created to see which questions created more insights. I’ll also be creating a blog with written articles to tackle relevant issues related to questions based on what internet users are interested in (SEO).
Relevant fields & Topics:
-Self-discovery -Research Methodologies -Conversation/Coaching -Eureka/Scientific Discoveries -Entertainment (Improv/comedy) -Interdisciplinary -Creativity
Here’s a document that I wrote earlier on the how and what of my research aspirations (Before I decided to focus on the podcast so not everything will be relevant) https://docs.google.com/document/d/1ZFqReSmE-Z7uzuxTRQXyg890favPimag/edit
Any thoughts/connections are appreciated!
Is there a tool that analyzes one’s personality and behavior
based on their browsing? For example, if the frequency of tab opening
is very high, then the person might be impulsive. This would be a
reverse benign version of the “social dilemma” documentary: The
analysis would be given to you instead of google and with your desire and
request. My two beautiful worlds of psychology and search engines would intersect 😊
I’m disillusioned by the emphasis on the frantic continuously changing rat race work culture. In my remote job search now, I’m looking for alternative models that fit with people, like myself, who work better in a steady environment. I’m compiling a list of companies that embrace this , or at least tolerate it .
Would you suggest any companies that fit this description?
A school in Jordan is doing an impact study on its alumni. The variables are a list of traits and values (innovation, leadership, empathy, etc…). I’m responsible for preparing the questionnaire.
My methodology is:
1- For each value/trait, find an inventory or scale that measures it.
2- Choose three items from the inventory/scale.
3- Combine the three items from all the inventories/scales to create the new questionnaire (about 60 items).
I need an expert who can review the final questionnaire and give an approval and recommendations to improve the questionnaire.
Any volunteers?
Hi everyone
An issue I'm facing is that there are many techniques, which would make applying them at the same time impractical. For example, in order to understand/memo one item , it would seem to much to device a mnemonic device+ clarifying questions + analogies+ visualization + personalization + memory palace. Any guidance on when to use those techniques? Also, it would be useful to see someone doing these techniques in action.
I'm looking for a tool Tool for operationalizing variables into indicators into questions to be used in a questionnaire? This tool could be a directory, search engine etc...
Here's the background story
I need a questionnaire for an impact evaluation of a school (the variables include creativity, loyalty, job prospects). The test sample are about 150-300 alumni of the school. The school sample are alumni of other schools .
This is a new task for me so would appreciate some tips/ideas/resources on how to address it. The budget for this task is not high so we're not expecting super accuracy.
In order to create this questionnaire, I can :
1- Find a previous questionnaire for a similar study (impact of a school on values, attitudes, etc.. )
2- Choosing a couple of item questions from a group of questionnaires from already established scales/measures or previous studies (mix and match exercise).
3- Converting each variable into an indicator and each indicator into a question or two, but there has to be a precedent in the literature for this. For example, if I want to operationalize creativity by the strangeness of thoughts I have per day and the question as
: How often do you have strange thoughts per day?, then I need to point to a study that has done the same. (perhaps there's a tool or resources for this)
I appreciate your thoughts.
Can Hand Sanitizer gels be used on Surfaces like keyboards and keys?
I'm looking for a search engine that would allow me to restrict results to multiple specific countries. Like google advanced search but more than one country.
I tried to do it through google custom search but it won't allow a search for .jo (jordan) or .qa (qatar) or the like. 
Anyhow, the regions I'm looking for 1-Arab countries 2- Sub Saharan Africa 3-  South East Asia.
So if there's a search engine that would cater for that or if there's a technique that would allow for a custom search, please let me know. Looking forward to hearing from  you!
Hi there, I hope you're doing well. I assume that there are some tenders that require that the applicants be from the same country of the tender. Is there a way to filter results where only tenders that accept applicants from other countries show up? Please note that our field is e-learning (specifically education enabling by providing content digitization and a technological platform (LMS) in partnership with content creators & sellers).


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