Hans-Ulrich Demuth


Prof. Dr.


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  • Feb 2013
    Over the past 23 years my team has received over 20m€ grant support from the EU, the German Department of Science and Technology, the German Research Foundation and the Volkswagen Foundation.
  • Nov 1989
    Johannes-Müller-Prize of the Society of Experimental Medicine


35 years research published in over 180 posters, 180 papers, and 120 patents, presented over 100 times at meetings, universities and companies. Since 1990 teaching protein sciences. Over 90 graduations promoted. 1993 establishing DP4 inhibition as diabetes treatment, now with anual turnover of 9b US$. In 1990ies discovering of glutaminyl cyclase (QC) generation of pyroglutamate Aβ. Since QCs also modify chemokines, they are now targets in Alzheimer’s and Inflammation. First drug in clinics 2010.

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