Hamidreza Bidmal

Hamidreza Bidmal
Gorgan University of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources | GAU · Department of Fisheries Science

phd student


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June 2019 - March 2020
Armaghan salamt Avid
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In recent years, leeches have been used to treat some diseases, extract many enzymes and substances that are effective in treating diseases.This research is aimed at determining the aim blood for the growth and survival of oriental leech. For this purpose, 240 leeches with an average age of one week and an average weight of 0/1±0/04 in 4 treatments (feeding on goat, camel, sheep and frog blood) and each treatment with 3 repetitions were divided into 10 liter plastic containers. To feed the leeches with frog blood, 100 frogs were prepare. To feed the rest of the leeches, the required blood was prepared from the slaughterhouse sodium heparin was added to the blood and the container was shaken continuously. To feed the leeches, the blood reached a temperature of 37 to38 °c .For the first 48 the water in the containers was changed twice. Re-feeding was performed one month after the previous feeding and in 6 steps. The results of the experiment showed that the growth and survival of leech fed on goat blood was significantly higher than the treatment of frog blood (p <0.05). Also, the increase in the weight of camel-fed treatment did not significantly differ from that treated with sheep's blood (p ˃0.05). There was no significant difference in mortality between treatments fed with camel and sheep blood (p ˃ 0.05). The number of cocoons and larvae produced in goat blood-fed treatment was significantly different from frog blood treatment (p <0.05). Therefore, according to the research findings, it is recommended that leeches be fed on the blood of mammals such as goats and not on the blood of frogs.