Hajir Mahmood Alallo

Hajir Mahmood Alallo
Ahlulbait University College · Department of English

Master of Arts in Linguistics/ Pragmatics
Working on the language of trauma as part of my PhD dissertation


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Linguistics is a great field to dig deep into; however, my main interest is in Pragmatic theory. I have dealt with how a picture, a sound, or a word repetition can add to meaning identification, speakers' identity, characterization, and the like. Broadly speaking, I have a strong interest in how language shapes our reality and influences our daily lives.
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October 2016 - present
Ahlulbait University College
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October 2014 - October 2016
University of Babylon
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  • Linguistics


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Writing is the most common means of expression, but it is not the only one. Caricatures use satirical images as a means of expressing opinions. Caricatures as a word is derived from the Latin root Cairacate, which means: exaggeration and overloading something more than its capacity. The political caricature sarcastically criticizes the political si...
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Diagnostic classification models (DCMs) have recently become very popular both for research purposes and for real testing endeavors for student assessment. A plethora of DCM models give researchers and practitioners a wide range of options for student diagnosis and classification. One intriguing option that some DCM models offer is the possibility...
This book presents two plays about the US-IRAQ war translated into Arabic. The first play, ReEntry, is written by Emily Akerman and K J Sanchez depicting the lives of the American marines overseas. The second play, Ajax in Iraq, fuses together great myths about heroism and bravery with what Soldiers normally witness. An introduction to the two play...
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this is a summary of chapter nine in Katamba's (1989) An Introduction to Phonology. The chapter highlights the importance of the syllable in the phonological analysis. Katamba introduces a number of models for the syllable and adopts the CV tier model. He incorporates the distinctive features in his model to develop the analysis of the syllable. He...
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Women are always portrayed as vulnerable creatures, and they have tried their best to change that image. As a result, feminism invaded different genres of literature and dominated females' linguistic structures. Hence, the study is interested in feminism discourse and aims at identifying how females' use language to show power and ideology.
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The Attached document is a presentation on the neurobiological perspective of language acquisition. The presentation summarizes an article in Kaplan (2019). It argues for the localization of language in the uniquely human brain. However, I disagree with the conclusion remarks in certain perspectives; it is hypothesized that the brain is an adaptive...
Research Proposal
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The present study aims at investigating dramatic characters' language as identity mirroring, focusing on the three main characters in Palace of the End by Judith Thompson; the American Soldier, David Kelly and Nehrjas. The play interestingly presents three totally different discourses; each character uses different linguistic notions with different...
As the title suggests, the work investigated political caricatures in terms of Speech Act Theory, Grice's Maxims, humour, irony, as well as persuasion. The study presents a model that combines both the verbal and nonverbal elements of the caricature and how these elements burn together to deliver meaning and persuade the readers into the ideas pres...


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I am in the process of transcribing audio from YouTube videos as part of my PhD dissertation. Meanwhile I have faced several obstacles on the way among which are noise, double speakers, muffled speech, unidentified words, and more. I will be very grateful, if you be kind and suggest the best ways I can overcome those obstacles and continue my work.
I am in the process of transcribing several videos on You Tube to text. Meanwhile, I have faced several problems among which are vague sounds, interruptions, double speakers, muffled sounds, and unidentified words. I will be very grateful, If you be kind and suggest the best ways I can overcome those obstacles and continue my work smoothly.
A number of models for speech production are introduced in psycholinguistics (Fromkin, 1971; Garrett, 1975; Levelt, 1989; Dell, 1986) which one of these models do you support and why? Do you believe that one day humans will be able to fully and closely examine mental processes?!
These notions are related in terms of abstractness, location in the brain and perhaps more. The brain being the most concrete one of them all can be considered as the source in which the other notions exist.
Women are always portrayed as vulnerable creatures and, they have tried their best to change that image. As a result, feminism invaded different genera of literature and dominated females' linguistic structures. Is it possible that Critical Discourse Analysis has the capacity to unshadow the power of such discourse in terms of females' quest for power and identity?
My main interest here, is to link a repetitive behavior such as bullying with the study of pragmatics. Usually such data is to be examined within Psychology, but since bullying requires the use of language to harm others and show social power, it can be studied pragmatically in terms of pragmatic structure and speech acts.



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Self-praise as a linguistic subject has been discussed in terms of speech act theory, conversational analysis, politeness theory, and other theories. However, the aim of the current study is to look at how language is used in poetry to present or praise oneself. So, the study is based on a style-based approach, stylistics, to analyze the selected data.
Archived project
Investigating the feminist character of language