Francesco Mastroberti

Human Rights, Cultural History, History of History



Prof. Francesco Mastroberti graduated with Honours in the Law Faculty of the University “Federico II” of Naples. In 1996 he achieved a PhD in History of Italian Law, with particular reference to History of Modern Law, at the University of Turin. Lecturer in History of Italian Law in the Law Faculty of the University of Catanzaro for the years 2000-2002, is currently Confirmed Associate Professor of History of Italian Law, History of Medieval and Modern Law, “Common Law” and History of the Modern Codes in the II Law Faculty of the University of Bari (Taranto site). He also teaches “Common Law” in the I Faculty of Law of the University of Bari.
Is currently director of "Dipartimento Jonico in Sistemi Giuridici ed Economici del Mediterraneo: Società, Ambiente, Culture" - Università degli Studi di Bari Aldo Moro
- He teaches at the Corso di Alta Formazione in “General Principles of Law, from Roman Law to Communitarian Law” promoted by the II Law Faculty of the University of Bari (Taranto site).
- He has been in the teaching staff of the PhD in "The legal protection of the subject" - XX cycle - University of Bari; and currently is in the teaching staff of the PhD in "Protection of rights and legal system" - XXIII cycle – University of Bari.
- He has lectured in many conferences as, for example, the Italian-Polish Conference on “Family and society yesterday and today”, Bialystok (Polland), 27th of November 2004, with a lecture on “Law and Family in Europe between ancient and new regime”; the Conference on “Rituals, techniques, interests. The criminal trial between ‘800 and ‘900”, Foggia, 5th-6th of May 2005, with a lecture on “Trial and intime convinction of the judge in the Bourbon Southern Italy”; the Seminar on “Before and after: on cesures”, foundation Giorgio Cini, Venice, 23rd, 24th and 25th of May 2005, with a lecture on “«Eppure assai vecchie sono qui queste cose»”.
- Together with many essays, he has published the following works: F. MASTROBERTI, “Pierre Joseph Briot. A Jacobin between administration and politics”, Naples, Jovene 1998 (n. 42 of the collection “Storia e Diritto” directed by Prof. Raffaele Ajello); ID., “Codification and penal justice in the Sicilies from 1808 to 1820”, Naples, Jovene 2001 (n. 47 of the same collection); ID., “Between science and liberty. The judicial and penal matter in the Sicilies between 1821 and 1848”, Bari, Cacucci 2005 (n. 141 of the collection "Publications of the Law Faculty of the University of Bari”).
- In 2005 he has been research unit responsible in the PRIN “Models of justice and exceptional procedures in the European legal experience” - national scientific coordinator Prof. Armando De Martino, cofinanced by the Department of the University and the Scientific Research.
- He is in the scientific committee of the review “Frontiera d’Europa”, published in Naples by ESI since 1995 and directed by Prof. Raffaele Ajello.
- He has edited the work of V.MORENO, “The lawyers’ etiquette” (Taranto 2006), for the Ordine degli Avvocati of Taranto, with an introduction on “History and customs of the Neapolitan legal profession in the Etiquette of Vincenzio Moreno” (reviewed by Prof. Guido Alpa, “The Etiquette and the Law”, “Il Sole24ore”, 14th of January 2007, p. 43).
- He is the author of “From Baiona to Tolentino. Constitutions and costitutionalism in the Reign of Naples during the Napoleonic decade”, Mandese, Taranto (forthcoming).

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