Ewa Lipczynska-Kochany
Environmental Consultant

Photochemistry, Environmental Chemistry, Spectroscopy

Doctor of Science (Habilitation), also Ph.D., M.Sc., Eng.
  • Independent Researcher


Associate Professor at Warsaw Technical University, Poland
Research Associate Professor at University of Waterloo, Canada
Visiting Professor at Technical University of Munchen, Germany
Visiting Professor at Institute for Molecular Science, Okazaki, Japan
Senior Visiting Scientist at University of Western Ontario, Canada
Consultant for National Water Research Institute, Environment Canada

102 papers in 58 international journals and conference proceedings

51 presentations at conferences in USA, England, France, Hungary, Canada, Italy, China, Poland, Portugal

27 lecturs and seminars in USA, UK, Japan, Germany, China

Selected achievements:
Studied effect of humic substances on the chemical and biological wastewater treatment
PROPOSED NEW CONCEPT - application of Fe0/FeS2 and Fe0/FeS mixtures for the reductive dehalogenation
PROPOSED NEW CONCEPT - photochemically enhanced Fenton reaction (now known as the photo-Fenton process)
Studied mechanisms and application of advanced oxidation processes
Discovered and explained photochemical phenomenon general for hydroxamic acids, compounds showing a variety of biological activities
Conducted very broad investigations on the photochemistry of hydroxamic acids and explained the mechanism of their phototransformation

Numerous awards, fellowships and grants including:
American Chemical Society
European Photochemical Association
Japan Promotion for Science
Kajima Foundation, Japan
Academia Sinica, Beijing, China
Minister of National Education of Poland
Polish Chemical Society
Polish Academy of Sciences
National Research Council of Canada
Technical University of Munchen, Germany

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