Eric R. Igou

Social Psychology, Cognitive Psychology, Emotion

PhD, Senior Lecturer
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This project involves a unique transdisciplinary team with the combined objective of investigating the benefits of green exercise on wellbeing and mental health. Together the team of 11 have shared expertise in psychology, exercise physiology, biomechanics and environmental science. This topic clearly aligns with both national priorities (e.g. Healthy Ireland) and H2020 societal challenges (e.g., mental health; sustainable environment). In collaboration with an NGO partner and key stakeholders, the researchers will engage in knowledge exchange, dissemination and outreach activity in order to develop sustainable relationships which from which proposals for large scale research can be planned.
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Are there any benefits for universities to fund fee-based open access publications, esp. of PhD students? Can you guide me to any useful statistics?
I am aware that this could be a contentious issue, likely to trigger many moral, pragmatic, and economic arguments. I am here mostly (well: only) interested in statistics that indicate pros or cons for higher education institutions to fund (all or some) fee-based open access publications. I am thinking here of impact factors, citations, future funding success rates, hires, financial costs, media coverage, world rankings etc. It would be great if these statistics also referred to junior scholars such PhD students. That is, would it be beneficial for universities to (partially) fund such publications in case no other funds (scholarships, grant money) are available? Do such statistical analyses exist? Can you guide me to them? Thanks & best wishes, Eric


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