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Donna Demond
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Masters of Science Criminology: Human Behaviour


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May 2013 - December 2015
Regis University
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Hi, I am beginning  my research for my capstone project as a criminology major.
  I am looking to study the following variables:
1) Anyone MALE  formally diagnosed with Personality Disorders--  (Narcissistic and/or Paranoid)--lethal IPV or NOT.
2) MALE offenders who have attempted, or successfully committed Lethal IPV
3) FEMALE victims, OR survived by loved ones of lethal IPV
Is there anyone in the field of corrections, forensics, law enforcement etc etc, that may have access to willing participants?
OR A professional that may have hard data on how many that have been diagnosed with either of these P.D.'s
** I will not use anyone for the study that is in addiction recovery that has less than 9 months dry and sober time.***
The survey will be BRIEF, and over the phone.
anyone interested or have any leads, please contact me @
Thank You
Donna L DeMond
Masters of Criminology Program
When studying the population of individuals that commit stalking acts/crime, how often are these individuals considered, or diagnosed with Narcissistic Personality Disorder?