Diego Perez

Artificial Intelligence, Artificial Neural Network, Data Structures

PhD Computer Science


Awards and achievements (2)

  • Sep 2012
    Best Paper Award - CIG 2012: Monte Carlo Tree Search: Long-term versus Short-term Planning, IEEE Conference on Computational Intelligence and Games (2012), pp 219-226
  • Apr 2011
    Best Paper Award - EvoGAMES 2011: Evolving Behaviour Trees for the Mario Bros Game Using Grammatical Evolution, LNCS 6624, Proceedings of EvoGAMES 2011 the 3rd European Event on Bio-inspired Algorithms in Games, Springer, pp.121-130.


I'm a Senior Research Officer at the University of Essex. I hold a Ph.D in Computer Science from the University of Essex (2015). My research is centred in the application of AI to games, RL and EC. I am author of more than 20 papers in the field of Game AI (in more than 10 as first author). I have organised international competitions for the Game AI research community, such as the PTSP, and the General Video Game AI Competition, held in IEEE (WCCI, CIG) and ACM (GECCO) International Conferences.

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