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ALPES is an archaeological research project aiming to study pastoral exploitation of Alpine mountains, its relationships with environmental evolution and the creation of upland landscapes. The project started in 2010 and has involved survey and excavations, geoarchaeological analyses and ethnoarchaeological investigations. The study area includes so far two upland valleys of Val di Sole (Trentino, Italy). The project is co-directed by Diego E. Angelucci and Francesco Carrer.
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Do you know any new reference handbook on karst geomorphology and hydrology?
Dear all, I am looking for references on karst geomorphology and hydrology, as my current bibliography is not state-of-the-art. Any of you know solid reference handbooks (besides the 'classical' Jennings’s or Ford & Williams’ books), giving full, comprehensive information on karst geomorphology (esp. surface morphology) and hydrology? Thanks in advance! Diego E. Angelucci
What is the actual evidence for bone-fuelled hearths in the Paleolithic?
Has anyone references or data on the archaeology, stratigraphy, geoarchaeology, soil micromorphology etc. of bone-fuelled hearths \ combustion features, esp. in Paleolithic caves or rock-shelters, or reference material from experimental work? Thanks in advance, Diego E. Angelucci
I am looking for info and refs on the geoarchaeology of charcoal production, can someone help?
I am looking for info and refs on the geoarchaeology of charcoal production, in particular studies on soil thin sections from charcoal mounds (incl. alteration of bedrock), physico-chemical analyses, etc.: any clues? Thanks in advance, Diego.



I am a geoarchaeologist. My research focuses on site formation processes and on the relationships between humans and their environment, esp. in the Mediterranean region and in mountain areas - mainly in Italy, Spain and Portugal. I also teach archaeological method and geoarchaeology to undergrads, master and PhD students and direct a PhD course.
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