Denis Roio

Denis Roio Foundation

Doctor of Philosophy
Researching and developing distributed circular-economy platforms and digital product passport crypto technologies.


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Practice-lead part-time academic mixing continental philosophy and technical development using participatory and art research with open source community development methodologies.
Additional affiliations
September 1999 - present Foundation
  • Founder and CTO
  • is a Think & Do Tank with 20 years of expertise in software development. We act in support of artists, creatives and engaged citizens with tools, practices and narratives for community empowerment.
January 2012 - January 2018
University of Plymouth
Field of study
  • Philosophy of Technology


Publications (13)
The courageous acts of whistleblowing that inspired the world over the past few years have changed our perception of surveillance and control in today's information society. But what are the wider effects of whistleblowing as an act of dissent on politics, society, and the arts? How does it contribute to new courses of action, digital tools, and co...
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Reflow is a novel signature scheme supporting unlinkable signatures by multiple parties authenticated by means of zero-knowledge credentials. Reflow integrates with blockchains and graph databases to ensure confidentiality and authenticity of signatures made by disposable identities that can be verified even when credential issuing authorities are...
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Distributed design gives makers and designers a framework to practice design for the real, digital world. Shared values guide design decisions to favour open, decentralized processes; local and situated solutions and material regeneration. A prefigurative design approach is emerging that is more ecologically sound, democratic and accessible. To act...
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Wireless mesh networks (WMNs) have the potential to establish and maintain ad hoc connectivity and share gateway access to other networks with an array of mobile end users (and their various requests, services, and applications), while typically featuring a minimal and inexpensive infrastructure. While more recent applications of WMNs concern the p...
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In order to lay the foundations for a discussion around the argument that the adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) technologies benefits the powerful few, focusing on their own existential concerns, we decided to narrow down our analysis of the argument to jurisprudence (i.e. the philosophy of law), considering also the historical context. This...
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Wireless Mesh Networks have the potentials to establish and maintainad-hoc connectivity and share gateway access to other networks with anarray of mobile end-users (and their various requests, services andapplications), while typically featuring a minimal and inexpensiveAbstract: infrastructure. While more recent applications of WMNs concern thepri...
Technical Report
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D-CENT aims at developing large-scale collective platforms to support citizen empowerment. As shown by the preliminary considerations from the first round of interviews with alternative and complementary system managers in Spain, Finland and Iceland (D1.2 and D3.4), decentralised and privacy aware digital infrastructures are needed to allow institu...
This report illustrates the concepts and outcomes of the Re/think Re/design workshop held at NIMk during the last quarter of 2011, with the participation of the Montessori Lyceum Amsterdam.
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This article is a theoretical enquiry about the death of the Brazilian citizen Jean Charles de Menezes, shot in London at Stockwell tube station on 22 July 2005 by unknown specialist firearms’ officers. The previous day some stations of the Tube were struck by failed bombing attacks. The police were chasing four suspects. Some hours after the murde...


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