Claire Boursier

Claire Boursier
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Impact of the unse of new technologies in Sport and Adapted Physical Activity / on initial and in-service training. I am working on the evaluation of the differences between face-to-face and remote education settings, as well as the use of new technologies in Sport and adapted physical activity, mostly towards kids, teenagers, adults and aging persons with handicap, health conditions, fragility through a pedagogical and clinical approach.
Additional affiliations
September 2015 - November 2016
Université Paris Nanterre
  • Associate Professor, Dean of the SCUIO-IP of the University (information, orientation and professional insertion service)


Project (1)
A new and innovative training project will be implemented next fall in the scope of a close collaboration between the University Paris Nanterre and the startup V@Si. It is based on both in-service and pre-service online trainings in APA. It aims at developing competencies of professionals to be able to provide online synchronous APA sessions and guidance using new technologies (via Visio) to persons with disabilities, with non-communicable diseases, or in the scope of prevention, at home, in special institutions, home care, universities, companies, etc. It meets fully the objectives of MINESPS V and VI, the revised Charter on PE, AP and Sport and its guidelines for policy makers, aiming at enhancing health through physical activity. It meets the needs of many populations in the world as we face challenges linked to health, social inclusion, development of emergent professions on APA and PA. This project will be duplicated worldwide. Many universities (France, UK, China, Columbia, Poland, USA) , international organisations such as IFAPA, ICSSPE, UNESCO, AIESEP, and Research Centers (China International Research Center on Sport for Persons with a Disability, Polish Scientific Association on APA). Other partners are welcome.