Bill Herring

Bill Herring

Master of Social Work


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Bill Herring currently works in the private practice of psychotherapy in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. Bill is a sexual health theorist and does research in emerging sexualities, problematic sexual behaviors and sexual health. He is currently soliciting commentaries for publication from a broad range of disciplines that will be published as a compendium of responses to his 2018 article "'The Practice, Identity and Ideology of Solosexuality: Description and Sexual Health Overview".


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This article uses public policy objectives formulated by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to demonstrate the ways in which the Society for the Advancement of Sexual Health (SASH) operates as a sexual health organization.
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This article introduces a framework for categorizing chronically problematic sexual behavior. It identifies patterns of commitment violations, values conflicts, diminished self-control, negative consequences, and lack of sexual responsibility as independent categories of chronically problematic sexual behavior. It recognizes that many forms of prob...
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This article introduces the core characteristics of male solosexuality, a recent identity construction, ideological narrative and set of associated sexual practices organized around communal online male masturbation and idealization of the penis. Behaviorally, solosexuality refers to a man's preference to engage in masturbation as a sole or primary...
The listserv of the Society for the Advancement of Sexual Health (SASH) provides opportunities for members to explore classic and emerging topics in the fields of sexual health and problematic sexual behavior. This inaugural column highlights recent discussions about solosexuality as an emerging label, a consideration of jealousy in the context of...
Over the past 20 years a significant body of knowledge and opinion has emerged regarding the assessment, treatment, and prevention of compulsive sexual behavior. Continued incremental growth in the field is now inevitable, but the conceptual and organizational task currently facing the field is to integrate this topic more fully into the fundamenta...
Counselors who treat clients for compulsive sexual behavior often encounter challenging ethical decisions that are not fully addressed by professional codes of conduct. This article describes six core concepts that can provide a meaningful and efficient framework for a counselor to independently evaluate ethically challenging situations. These core...


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I recently published the first professional article on male solosexuality, a sexual identity and set of associated sexual practices focusing on communal masturbation and veneration of the penis.
This was a difficult article for me to adequately convey all of the permutations of this new topic. There is just so much to say. I am now seeking a group of collaborators to write commentary that can serve as a "response" paper.
I am interested in experts from the fields of human sexuality, masculinities studies, postmodern identity constructions, and other diverse fields to contribute some commentary that can help frame this discussion from a multitude of perspectives.
Please let me know if you -- or someone you know -- might be interested in contributing to this project.


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This is the first comprehensive overview of the emerging construct on solosexuality, referring to people who state and demonstrate a preference to engage in masturbation as a sole or primary means of sexual expression. This article introduces the core behavioral and ideological characteristics of solosexuality and then applies a concise set of sexual health principles to assess potential benefits and risks of what some people consider to be not just a set of sexual practices but a nascent sexual identity.