Barbara Schratz

Barbara Schratz
University of Innsbruck | UIBK · Department of Teacher Education and School Research



Project (1)
The proposed research project “Inclusion and Exclusion as Educational Experience: Experiences of Being Included or Excluded in Austrian School Settings” focuses on a central concern of education policy, practice and research, namely the experiences of inclusion and exclusion in school and classroom cultures. This project is designed to respond and meaningfully contribute to the following gaps in educational research and theory: • Explore the sociality of learning and teaching in pedagogical theory and attempt to build a pedagogical theory around sociality, • Capture empirical experiential data on the phenomena of inclusion and exclusion in the lived experience of students at school and make it available to research, practice and policy, • Investigate processes of both community-building and inclusion as well as institutional discrimination and exclusion in schools, • Contribute to the impact of phenomenology on social science and educational research through further methodological innovations related to experiential research. Specifically, the project should reveal the impact of inclusive and exclusive routines, structures, practices and social dynamics on students and teachers in Austrian school settings by capturing the lived experience of students in day-to-day school life, both in medias res and through recall. The research methodology developed in the longitudinal study on education processes in diverse classroom settings funded by the Austrian Science Foundation (FWF I_P 222230-G17 and FWF II_P25373-G16) at the University of Innsbruck serves as a foundation for collecting experiential data of being included and excluded to identify implications for learning, teaching and policy as well as for further research into inclusion and exclusion.