Arzu Ayar

Arzu Ayar
Republic of Turkey Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry · Breeding and Genetics

Ph.D Researcher
Fig Research Institute, Clonal selection, Sarılop, Fethiye Kaya fig, Muğla, Seydikemer and Fethiye; Genetic resources


INVESTIGATIONS ON FRUIT QUALITY OF SARILOP CLONES FOR FURTHER REGISTRATION Clonal selection, Ficus carica L., Sarilop, dried fig, (Principal Component Analysis) (PCA); Weighed-Rankit, IPGRI, UPOV, Genetic resources of fig


Projects (2)
This research covers the characterization of 284 female and 70 male genotypes in Fig Land Gene Bank.
In the study, the general characteristics of the fig genotypes for table fresh fruit and drying in the region were evaluated according to the criteria of IPGRI variety feature certificate by making pomological analysis and morphological measurement