Anubhav Dogra

Anubhav Dogra
The University of Warwick · Department of Physics

PhD in Mechanical Engineering (Robotics)
PDRA at University of Warwick.


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Post Doctoral Research Associate at University of Warwick, Coventry, England (UK).
Additional affiliations
December 2016 - August 2022
Indian Institute of Technology Ropar
  • PhD Student
  • Thesis title: Unconventional Modular Library Design for Reconfigurable Manipulators.
December 2016 - March 2022
Indian Institute of Technology Ropar
Field of study
  • Mechanical Engineering (Design)
July 2011 - July 2015
Beant College of Engineering and Technology, Gurdaspur
Field of study
  • Mechanical Engineering


Publications (10)
Modular and Reconfigurable manipulators have gained popularity especially in the service sector, where the use of customized configurations has increased. Adaptable modular designs have come into advances in achieving the required configuration of a robotic manipulator. As reported in the literature, various designs of the modules mainly with conve...
Modules are requisite for the realization of modular reconfigurable manipulators. The design of modules in literature mainly revolves around geometric aspects and features such as lengths, connectivity and adaptivity. Optimizing and designing the modules based on dynamic performance is considered as a challenge here. The present paper introduces an...
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Customization of manipulator configurations using modularity and reconfigurability aspects is receiving much attention. Modules presented so far in literature deals with the conventional and standard configurations. This paper presents the 3D printable, light-weight and unconventional modules: MOIRs' Mark-2, to develop any custom `n'-Degrees-of-Fre...
Customization of manipulators having unconventional parameters and link shapes have gained attention to accomplish non-repetitive tasks in a given cluttered environment. Adaptive modular and reconfigurable designs are being used to achieve customization, and have provided time and cost-effective solutions. Major challenges are associated to provide...
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Paper presented at 5th IEEE/IFToMM International Conference on Reconfigurable Mechanisms and Robots, at Ryerson University Toronto, Canada. Modular and reconfigurable robotic systems have been designed to provide a customized solution for the non-repetitive tasks to be performed in a constrained environment. Customized solutions are normally extr...
Modularity and reconfigurability are efficient and effective solutions to achieve customization in manipulator designs. Customized configurations would be required to accomplish a set of non-repetitive tasks in various fixed environments. These customized manipulator designs are task-based; thus, automatic reconstruction of the task-space is requir...
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This paper focuses at the planning of a robotic assistive system in a modular vertical farm facility. Smart vertical farms are designed particularly for indoor systems with artificial environment control covering a small area of land but utilizing dimensions through vertical height. A layout of a proposed vertical farm is presented with a 4-Degrees...
Conference Paper
The world is getting primed for Industry 4.0. In this context, we propose a framework for the automatic reconstruction of workspaces where a manipulator is required to function. The manipulator can be customized using modular and reconfigurable approach with respect to the reconstructed workspace and the set of Task-Space-Locations (TSLs) and Base-...
In this work, a methodology is proposed to configure any n-dof (degrees-of-freedom) modular configurations from the prescribed DH parameters and modular sequence. Modular library is presented which is able to adapt any given robotic parameters. Modular configuration is configured automatically in the format of URDF (Unified Robot Description Format...
Conference Paper
This paper focuses at the dynamic modeling of a modular reconfigurable manipulators. Dynamic model of the manipulator changes with each reconfigured posture and therefore, control implication on this type of robotic arm changes. Adaptability of the dynamic model and controller to incorporate this change is a challenge. Idea of re-configurable robot...


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Objective is first to decide the optimal manipulator configuration based upon prescribed set of tasks. For the given optimal configuration now, a modular library is required to be planned and design which is optimal with respect to the geometrical parameters as well as dynamics of the configuration. After that unified and automatic modeling of the custom modular configurations for its automatic kinematic, dynamics, and control.