Antonio Marceddu

Antonio Marceddu
Politecnico di Torino | polito · DAUIN - Department of Control and Computer Engineering

Master of Engineering
Ph.D. Student


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Antonio Marceddu is a PhD student of the Department of Control and Computer Engineering (DAUIN) of the Politecnico di Torino. His research interests include machine learning, computer vision, computer graphics and quantum computing.
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January 2020 - April 2020
Politecnico di Torino
  • Research Assistant


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The development of autonomous driving cars is a complex activity, which poses challenges about ethics, safety, cybersecurity, and social acceptance. The latter, in particular, poses new problems since passengers are used to manually driven vehicles; hence, they need to move their trust from a person to a computer. To smooth the transition towards a...
Autonomous driving cars hopefully could improve road safety. However, they pose new challenges, not only on a technological level but also from ethical and social points of view. In particular, social acceptance of those vehicles is a crucial point to obtain a widespread adoption of them. People nowadays are used to owning manually driven vehicles,...
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For some years now, the idea of a fully autonomous driving car has been monopolizing the attention of the entire automotive sector. The main motivation behind all this interest is that autonomous driving cars could potentially improve road safety simply by subtracting human error, which causes thousands of road fatalities worldwide every year. One...
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Since the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, researchers from all over the world have been working on projects aimed at countering its advance. The authors of this paper want to go in this direction through the study of a system capable of recognizing the type of mask or respirator worn by a person. It can be used to implement automatic entry contr...
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Teaching is an activity that requires understanding the class’s reaction to evaluate the teaching methodology effectiveness. This operation can be easy to achieve in small classrooms, while it may be challenging to do in classes of 50 or more students. This paper proposes a novel Internet of Things (IoT) system to aid teachers in their work based o...
The Ways To Wear a Mask or a Respirator Database (WWMR-DB) is a test database that can be used to compare the behavior of current mask detection systems with images that most closely resemble the real case. It consists of 1225 images divided into 8 classes, depicting the most common ways in which masks or respirators are worn: No Mask Or Respirator...
Recently, the coronavirus pandemic has made the use of facial masks and respirators common, the former to reduce the likelihood of spreading saliva droplets and the latter as Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). As a result, this caused problems for the existing face detection algorithms. For this reason, and for the implementation of other more so...
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The advent of autonomous driving cars bring hopes of reducing automobile accidents, improving, in general, the road safety. Many problems remain to be solved, but technology has made great steps in these years. A problem that must not be underestimated is how the people will react to these vehicles. In fact, the sense of security that is commonly f...


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