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Angelo Franciosini

Angelo Franciosini
Institut de Neurosciences de la Timone · InViBe team

Master of Science


Project (1)
The aim of my project is to understand how the Primary Visual Cortex (V1) has developed its structure to better exploit the statistical regularities that can be found in Natural Scenes, at different levels of complexity like luminosity, edges and contours distributions. Using simple Unsupervised Machine Learning Techniques we can reproduce this strategy, and follow the different levels of hierarchical complexity of neural computation. The final goal is to the define a possible algorithm, implemented by the cortical substrate, of contour integration were simple features, like the ones extracted by the Primary Visual Cortex, combine together in a coherent way to compose the contour of a solid object. What we expect is that simple features combination (from edges to contours) and transformation (roto-translation and scaling) will emerge naturally as a response to simple biologically inspired constraints applied to our algorithms, like metabolic consumption, lateral inhibition and topographic organization.