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Aneliya Avdzhieva

Aneliya Avdzhieva
Association for Culture Ethnology and Anthropology Mediator

PhD in Social Anthropology


Migration and Mobility, Social Networks, Cultural Heritage and Memory, Sensory Ethnography, Cultural Tourism


Projects (4)
Предмет на изследването е трансформиращото (се) българско село, т.е. промените в биографичния и жизнен опит на неговите жители. Цели: за да се очертаят измеренията на трансформациите на българското село днес, ще бъдат изследвани трансформиращите го: 1. социално значими актьори 2. модели на индивидуален и колективен жизнен и биографичен опит 3. трансформациите на идентичностите и паметта
The project aims at exploring and describing how senses and sensory are used in relations between institutions and people with disabilities. The goal is tracing the techniques, technologies and ways in which the institutions work with senses. The research will be directed at two institutions in Plovdiv, Bulgaria through observation and analysis of their work related to people with visually impaired people.
Archived project
The main objective of the project is the study of contemporary uses of cultural heritage in a local community through the study of the mechanisms for creation and transmission of different types of memory and observation of the processes of creating values among young people. The main task of the project is to explore the mechanisms for constructing the heritage of local people and participants in a school project