Andrew S. Wilson

Archaeology, Biological Anthropology, Forensic Science

Senior Lecturer


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  • Jul 2015
    Vice-Chancellor's Award for Excellent Achievement (Bradford Visualisation)
  • Jul 2014
    Vice-Chancellor's Award for Teaching Excellence (Human Remains Teaching Team)
  • Oct 2013
    Prospects Postgraduate Award which recognise and reward excellence and innovation in postgraduate education. (as part of Bradford MSc FACSI for Best Teaching Team - Science, Technology & Engineering)


Research at the interface between archaeological science, forensic science and conservation science. Known for bioarchaeology (incl. archaeological hair); 3D digital documentation (incl. Digitised Diseases, Fragmented Heritage, Bradford Visualisation); taphonomy; mummy studies (incl. frozen/ arid-desiccated remains from South America e.g. capacocha from Volcán Llullaillaco; Greenland and Egypt; bog remains from NW Europe; cist burials; and more recent 18/19th century archaeological contexts).

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