Amit Kumar Banerjee

Biophysics, Biochemistry, Bioinformatics

(Ph.D pursuing) M.Phil, M.Sc, PGDPL, ADB,ACB


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  • Sep 2012
    According to the BioMedLib Journal website( our publication entitled “Targeting tuberculosis: a glimpse of promising drug targets.” ranked as number 1 publication and article entitled “New targets, new hope: novel drug targets for curbing malaria.” ranked as number 8 article in the top 20 list under the Top 20 Articles, in the Domain of Article 22356190, Since its Publication (2012) in September 2012. (
  • Mar 2011
    Article entitled “'Assessing the relationship among physicochemical properties of proteins with respect to hydrophobicity: a case study on AGC kinase superfamily” has been highlighted in Vertical News, Atlanta, Georgia, U.S.A on March 18,2011 in the Chemicals & Chemistry section of this popular online news source (
  • Feb 2011
    Invited to join as Member of “American Chemical Society” on 10th Feb 2011 (Letter No: 11021695728 and Candidate code: 1211WAC014).


Presently I am working as a Senior Research Fellow at Indian Institute of Chemical Technology and my research focus encompasses application of bioinformatics in vector borne diseases, large scale, complex, overlapping biological data classification applying intelligent tools and comparative genomics and genometrics.
I do believe...............................
The purpose of computing is insight, not numbers.
......................Richard Hamming.

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