Alexei Meshalkin

Inorganic Chemistry, Materials Chemistry, Nanotechnology

Designs of diffractive optical elements Designs for multi-purpose digital holographic microscope set-ups Innovative image processing algorithms Novel 3D images of living biological tissues and organisms Novel digital holographic technologies to protect information and products
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The main objectives of the projects are: Investigation of the properties of absorbing materials from the series Cu2Zn(Sn,Si,Ge)(S,Se)4 and of other chalcogenide materials, perspective for thin film solar cells, with cheap, earth abundant and non-toxic materials, which will influence positive to the alternative energy production. Analysis of the influence of optical properties of atmosphere to the solar irradiation incident on the terrestrial surface. Elaboration of the advanced multifunctional structures for the optoelectronic application, investigation and development of diffraction optical elements (DOE) on the nanoscale multilayer structures from chalcogenide glasses (CG) and layers of azopolymers (AZP), extension of the existing registration methods with laser/electron beam, development of the ODE design on the basis of systematic study of CG and AZP structures. Implementation of the project will be finalized by relevant results of important properties of the materials, which could be used in sensors, recording mediums, optoelectronic and photovoltaic devices. The modern methods, which are usually applied in a major part of world scientific centers, will be used for the achievement of the proposed goals of obtaining of study objects and of their investigation.
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The overall aim of the SECURE-R2I project is to reinforce cooperation with Eastern Partnership Countries (EPC) on bridging the gap between research and innovation for Horizon 2020 Societal Challenge 7 “Secure Societies”. The research domains encompassed by “Secure Societies” are broad and include ICT; Security; Nanosciences, Nanotechnologies, Materials (NMP); and Social Sciences and Humanities (SSH). These research domains also form the basis of important economic sectors in the EPC, with many potential benefits for the EU, but which also need European support to increase their exploitation. Addressing this issue, the SECURE-R2I project will assist R&D and innovation (RDI) organisations in EPC via a range of knowledge and technology transfer activities with the support of European specialists. Research-to-innovation pilot project in Ukraine and Moldova: Implement security holograms utilising diffractive optical elements based on chalcogenide glasses and azopolymers in the framework of SECURE-R2I project.
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