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Liritzis, I.; Westra, A., and Miao, C., 2019. Disaster geoarchaeology and natural cataclysms in world cultural evolution: An overview. Journal of Coastal Research, 35(6), 1307–1330. Coconut Creek (Florida), ISSN 0749-0208. Human records of short-term, catastrophic, geological processes, mainly in coastal or fluvial environments, and related phenome...
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A small preliminary site report, presenting the data acquired on a series of field surveys in the Scottish Lammermuirs. Any interpretations presented are subject to further work, as is being subsequently published.
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The Yadlee Stone Circle Project is a project conducted by four members of Edinburgh University in the Lammermuir Hills in South East Scotland. The Project aimed to analyse the purpose of Yadlee Stone Circle and its surrounding landscape, the relationship between site and landscape, and any functions this then revealed. The site was preliminary date...


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NEWS: https://huaxiahellas.com/ Initiating a MOU between University of the Aegean and Henan University, Kaifeng, China, a investigation between the Sino- Eastern Mediterranean contacts directly or indirectly in antiquity has been undertaken to documenting and highlighting the complex nature of the pre-Islamic period trans-Eurasian trade routes (i.e.: “Silk Road”) by underlining the transmission and syncretism of science & technology, artistic styles, urban planning, Cultic / religious & mythological similarities, and philosophical thought as a diffusion of ideas. Aim: The multi-scientific and inter-disciplinary methodology related to the trade routes between the East China sea and the Eastern Mediterranean by way of the overland routes: through the Tian Shan mountains and the Taklamakan desert in the North, or via Indian subcontinent, as well as, the maritime routes that went from the Red Sea to Arabia southern India and southern South China sea. The investigation will take into account hallmarked philosophical theories that were developed in “parallel” at the end points of the Aegean-China axis of spiritual acme. The Project is realized through Protocols of Collaboration (MOU) between University of the Aegean and Chinese Universities. (Keywords: archaeometry, archaeoastronomy, philosophy, ancient history). Some articles have already been published. Through the MOU it has been established the Research Center for Hellenic Civilization at Henan Univ and the Research Center of Yellow River Cultures in the Cept of Mediterranean Studies, Rhodes. Moreover an initiative is started between Univ of the Aegean and the Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of Geology & Geophysics on archaeomagnetic dating. Our initial project news are found here: https://huaxiahellas.com/