Adam Stein

Adam Stein
Carnegie Mellon University | CMU · Department of Engineering and Public Policy

Doctor of Philosophy


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I am working on energy and risk. Current interests include opportunities for risk informed decision making for emergency planning near nuclear power facilities.


Publications (8)
Computer code models have become the default tool for analysis in many areas of research and industry. The research for evaluating these models has been primarily focused on theoretical simulation methods and overlooks the application of these methods. Many existing and highly valued computer codes and models do not allow for simulation, uncertaint...
RADTRAD and HP Challenges with Non-LWR Designs
Conference Paper
A definitive screening design (DSD) is applied to atmopheric concentration model ARCON96. Seven parameters were explored to determine first and second-order effects. Use of a DSD is demonstrated to provide high power statistical results while significantly reducing the number or model runs needed.
Technical Report
Public and private sector interest in nuclear reactor technologies is growing as utilities and other energy suppliers seek options for scalable, dispatchable, concentrated, and zero-carbon energy generation. In the United States and the rest of the world, the need for nuclear power has been highlighted in areas ranging from national security to the...
Modeling Needs for Advanced Nuclear Reactors Software and method needs for near-field atmospheric consequence analysis licensing
Conference Paper
Evacuation planning around nuclear power plants (NPP) can be improved by developing deeper insights of the risks associated with evacuation plans and opportunities to reduce those risks. This research can help refine existing emergency plans and improve siting considerations for future advanced reactors. Although guidance from the Nuclear Regulator...
Nuclear Power Plant Evacuation: Regulatory Gaps, Strategies, and Opportunities
Modeling Evacuation Risk Near Nuclear Power Plants



Projects (2)
Identification of potential improvements to emergency response and evacuation planning. Near-field atmospheric transport and consequences for advanced nuclear reactor safety and licensing. Research will be relevant and informative to industry and regulatory institutions.