Abtin Saateh

Abtin Saateh
École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne | EPFL · Institute of Bioengineering

Master of Science


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My research interests are focused on Point-of-Care, Sensors, Microfluidics, and Biomimetics. My research interests are not confined to the list above. I always thirst for learning about new research areas, since I am sure that I may become engrossed in them. My current project is in the plasmonic biosensors field, specifically on continuous biosensors. I am open to collaboration with fellow researchers in the biosensor and plasmonics field.
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November 2020 - present
École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne
  • PhD Student
February 2017 - August 2019
Bilkent University
Field of study
  • Material Science and Nanotechnology
September 2011 - July 2016
University of Tabriz
Field of study
  • Mechanical Engieering


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3D Tumor Models In article number 2107757, Qian Liu, Pouyan E. Boukany, and co‐workers develop a programmable multifunctional 3D cancer cell invasion microbuckets‐hydrogel platform. The proposed platform opens a new avenue for recreating the 3D in vivo microenvironment and will inspire more future research in this arena of cancer research and drug...
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In the research of cancer cell invasion and metastasis, recreation of physiologically relevant and faithful three‐dimensional (3D) tumor models that recapitulate spatial architecture, spatiotemporal control of cell communication and signaling pathways, and integration of extracellular cues remains an open challenge. Here, a programmable multifuncti...
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Droplet-based microfluidic systems require a precise control on droplet physical properties, hence measuring the morphological properties of droplets is critical to obtain high sensitivity analysis. The ability to perform such measurements in real-time is another demand which has not been addressed yet. In this study, we used coplanar electrodes co...
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We introduce a droplet-based biomolecular detection platform using robust, versatile, and low-cost superhydrophilic patterned superhydrophobic surfaces. Benefitting from confinement and evaporation-induced shrinkage of droplets on wetted patterns, we show enrichment-based biomolecular detection using very low sample volumes. First, we developed a g...
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Droplet microfluidic systems have evolved as fluidic platforms that use much less sample volume and provide high throughput for biochemical analysis compared to conventional microfluidic devices. The variety of droplet fluidic applications triggered several detection techniques to be applied for analysis of droplets. In this review, we focus on lab...


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To achieve the world's most monodisperse microdroplet generation in microfluidic devices