Abhishek Mani Tripathi
, Brno · Laboratory of Ecological Plant Physiology

Botany, Canopy Research, Ecology

Life-cycle study of poplar clones under SRC management.
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Can we seek for a postdoc/researcher position on RG?
Dear all, As we know employers are advertising for recruitments on RG. As a job seeker, can we upload our CV on RG? 
Can we make a similar product if someone has already patent?
Dear All,  I would like to inform you that we have made a product but that is not a new invention. An invention was done by some scientists and this patent is done by a company but our method is different to make a similar product.  Can we commercialise it without our patent? Can we commercialise it without any prior permission or without asking for a license from the company (already patent)?  Is it possible to patent similar products, if we use different methods?  Thank you. 
Why LAI is better indicator of woody biomass than the PAI?
Does plant area index determine the woody biomass? If yes, then why LAI is consider as best indicator of woody biomass. Can anybody suggest me some articles or justify the study? Thanks!!


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  • May 2016
    Short term scientific mission (STSM)
  • Dec 2014
    Erasmus Plus
  • Mar 2014
    Internal Grant Agency at Mendel University (IGA)
  • Czech Globe | czechglobe
    Laboratory of Ecological Plant Physiology
    Brno, Czech Republic


Field of interests are-Agroforestry, Agronomy, Bioenergy, Biofuel, Climate change, Bioeconomy, Crop physiology & ecophysiology, Ecology, Green infrastructure, Leaf economics, Livelihood and Sustainable development.
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