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Company News

10 Nov 2016 Top 10 jobs on ResearchGate
28 Jun 2016 Explore science with our new search
08 Mar 2016 Introducing the h-index on ResearchGate
19 Feb 2016 Present all your research in a click
21 Oct 2015 8 out of 8 million

Science News

24 Jan 2017 No impact: Asteroids had nothing to do with explosion in marine life diversity
19 Jan 2017 Growing live virus to make polio vaccines was a necessary risk, but that may be about to change
18 Jan 2017 Researchers map 100-year-old brains of extinct Tasmanian tigers
17 Jan 2017 No asthma found in one third of adults previously diagnosed with it
17 Jan 2017 Racial bias happens in a heartbeat - literally

Press Releases

04 Jun 2013 Bill Gates and Tenaya Capital Invest in ResearchGate to Advance Scientific Innovation Through Open Science
08 Mar 2013 German Chancellor regards visit to ResearchGate as a "glimpse into the future"
14 Nov 2012 ResearchGate takes over
07 Nov 2012 ResearchGate wins German Entrepreneurs' Award "Deutscher Unternehmer Preis 2012"
22 Feb 2012 Founders Fund Invests in ResearchGate, The Professional Network For Scientists
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