Asked 7th Oct, 2016

Why APSIM (agriculture simulation model is consider as the best agriculture simulation modelling than other agriculture simulation models?

am doing research in modelling of the nutrient using APSIM model, so i need the reseason why APSIM is consider as the best simulation model in Africa?
 i will highly appreciate the contributions

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8th Oct, 2016
Mohamed-Mourad Lafifi
Badji Mokhtar - Annaba University
10th Oct, 2016
Aduol Athuai
University of Nairobi
thank very much.
3rd Nov, 2018
David Parsons
Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences
I don't think that it is necessarily the best under all circumstances, but it is a good tool that is constantly improving due to a good development group. Also, it has had significant development for tropical countries under nutrient limited conditions, so it is a good option for such situations.
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