Asked 19th Sep, 2016

Is it possible to lower the interaction trust value to minimum, in order to add the level of trust?

This is with regard to peer to peer communication in decentralized network.
I found the notes on this interaction trust value in the Paper named- Self Organizing Trust Model.. written by Ahmet B Can and Bharath Bhargava

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Shameek Bhattacharjee
Western Michigan University
Your question is not clear. 
Prathyusha Purushothaman
L.B.S. College of Engineering, Kasaragod
Thank You for replying!
The calculation of trust in peer-to-peer communication requires a value called interaction trust value. According to one of the survey papers that i referred, it stated that the high value of this interaction trust causes most of the peers to come under the trusted peers. I was thinking that if the value of this trust value is lowered ..may be a better chance would come up. So i wanted to know about it. following is that concerned survey paper. Good Day!
Ahmad Ridha
Bogor Agricultural University
Please CMIIW. Did you mean to say that you'd like new peers to have higher chance of gaining trust from existing peers?
If that is the case, sure it is possible. However, you need to consider the risks. For example, malicious peers can leave the network and rejoin as new peers.

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