Who wants to join me when I send the journal proposal to the publisher?

As you know, I am involved in developing a new journal proposal on starting a new journal in the area of Life Sciences (including also Environmental Sciences related to biological science).
I want to send my journal proposal to a prospective publisher very soon. Now I invite to think those of you who have the PhD degree: who want to join me in this final step?
If you seriously want to join me and to be mentioned in the cover letter that I will send with my proposal, you can write to me. Also, I would like to have your short (1 page CV). If I decide to include you to the initiative group, I will include this CV of yours in the set of journal proposal materials. Your name will be included in the initiating group. Your joining me will means that you completely support me with this project.
However, I do not promise that you will be included to editorial board. This is just your support to the project, without expecting any bonuses or priviledges.
If you decide to join me, do this ASAP. I want to send the proposal very soon.
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Dr. S.A.Ostroumov