Asked 15th Jan, 2014
  • Sahara Prime City Ltd

Which software is available for the calculation of the labour productivity factors of various Construction Activities?

|The following factors are available for construction activities:
5 Beldars and 4 Mazdoors can do 28.30 Excavation work per day
3 Masons, 3 Mazdoors and 1 Bhisti can plaster 40 sqm Plaster (12 mm Thick) per day.

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21st Jan, 2014
Ramesh Kannan M
Vellore Institute of Technology
I think National Construction Estimator Software from Craftsman will be an ideal software.
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22nd Jan, 2014
Raj Kumar Sharma
Sahara Prime City Ltd
Thanks Rameshji,
But still i am looking for the same which are available at free of cost.
21st Sep, 2015
Dharmesh K. Oza
Government Engineering college Dahod Gujarat India
I think Excel is better. we can change any thing.
in MS Project / Primavera  you can input one time then you got benefit
By the way out put which you had written is the past data but it would be differ from project to project 

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