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Which is the hierarchy of evidence in social sciences and what are the methods used to assess its quality?

In the health science, the Hierarchy of evidence is very clear, and distinguish between the all types of evidence, is a sistematic process, with steps and methodologies that clarify the process. But, some times is necessary use evidence from another souerces like, social sciences, economics, education, etc. and in that cases, the quality of evidence is of importance to be used and how evaluated this is blurred , so i would know how this can be evaluated and how is it ranked

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Valerie Saunders
Independent Researcher
Cecilia Veas In the social sciences we do not have a so called 'hierarchy' of evidence. What we do have is a range of both quantitative and qualitative methods, each of which serves a purpose. Often several methods are used in order to raise validity. This is called 'triangulation'. There are many excellent social science studies that have used triangulation, by very respected academics. we regard different research methods as horses for courses, that is, each has a value and it depends on the nature of the research topic as to which method or methods are used. So mostly all are of equal value, although there is some dispute among academics as to whether quantitative data is superior to qualitative data.
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