Asked 10th Mar, 2018

Which tool of Matlab (backpropagation) is best for tournament prediction?

I'm doing a mini research on predicting a certain game tournament outcome (Dota 2) using backpropagation. My data structure consists of tables of (11) team's match histories against the other 10 teams. Basically 1 set of tables for each team. The tables contains inputs of:
1. the opponent's team ID (integer value ranging 1 to 11)
2. the (5) heroes ID used by team A and (5) heroes used by team B (integer value ranging 1 to 114)
In total, the input has 11 elements.
The target tables contains values "1" if team A wins and "0" if team B wins.
I was wondering which Matlab tool is best for this problem. I had tried using the nnstart tool but I don't know how to set the tool to use backpropagation. Also I would like to know, should I normalize the data for this problem? Is binary sigmoid the correct activation function to use?
Thanks in advance.

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Marc Masana
Graz University of Technology
For MatLab maybe you could consider trying MatConvNet ( and use it on CPU mode. For the amount of data you are proposing there probably is no need to use a GPU.
Regarding prediction of Dota 2 match outcome, I would strongly suggest using more data for each match. In order for the network to learn stuff like which heroes counter eachother, you would need more features than which position they are played on each match. In any case, I would recommend normalizing the features before feeding them to the network and you can use a sigmoid function or a cross-entropy loss for classification (output will be class 0:lose or 1:win).
Finally, in GitHub you will find several projects that try to predict Dota 2 match outcome using deep learning and that can serve as inspiration for further research.
Mohammad Behdad Jamshidi
University of Technology Sydney - The Royal Society
I suppose, there are many different kinds of approaches for prediction of tournament outcome. Although I have not had experienced on this problem, I have done a bunch of prediction works on electricity price or dynamic battery behavior by ANFIS and ANNs that are really work. You could read some of them.
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Thanks for the interested question and valued answers.

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