Asked 22nd Oct, 2020

Which are recommended ways to catch beehive information? By knowing that beehives are far away from internet connection?

I have seen around in the web different technologies focused towards beehive health. Beekeeping is a millenial activity, by saying this, beehives are located far away from where Internet connection is barely hard to get and also nearly imposible to connect into a cloud.
Any suggestion or product recommendation for collecting information with the help of 1TB SD card or connection to the internet with a cell phone SIM card?

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17th Nov, 2020
Jeff Sedayao
I suggest you look at the European Union's iobee project:
They created an architecture using mesh networks connecting beehives sensors to gateways that upload data to the cloud using whatever is available - wifi, cell technology, or satellites. The project is done, but you could get ideas for building it or something similar, and the website also mention the organizations that built the hardware.

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