Asked 4th Jul, 2013

Where to find facts about ICT use in Syria?

I am currently doing qualitative research related to community use of online tools in Syira. As in other research topics, it would be very helpful to contextualize the observations by accounting for hard facts about the use of Internet, social media, and mobile devices.<br /><br />
Finding reliable sources is probably a challenging task because of the nature of the current situation of Syria, but still, any hints are welcome. I will also list any relevant sources I find along the way.<br /><br />

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24th Aug, 2014
Fredrick Ishengoma
Dodoma University
This might be helpful. Syria's Internet Usage, Broadband and Telecommunication Report, 2012.
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23rd Jun, 2015
Ammar Halabi
Université de Fribourg
And here is a small body of literature (mainly related to the role of ICT and social media in activism):
  • Fischer, Florian. 2013. “Cascades of Collective Action? Analyzing the Impact of Protest History and Social Media on Regime Change in the Context of the 2011 Uprisings in Egypt and Syria.” 01/2013. CGP Working Papers. Berlin.
  • Ghannam, Jeffrey. 2011. “Social Media in the Arab World: Leading up to the Uprisings of 2011.”
  • Stepanova, Ekaterina. 2011. “The Role of Information Communication Technologies in the ‘Arab Spring.’” 159. PONARS Eurasia Policy Memos.
  • Youmans, William Lafi, and Jillian C. York. 2012. “Social Media and the Activist Toolkit: User Agreements, Corporate Interests, and the Information Infrastructure of Modern Social Movements.” Journal of Communication 62 (2): 315–29.
And a a blog post I wrote previously with a short overview on the use of social media among Syrians:
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