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Whats the study type for an error medication research?

Hi, I would like to know what is the type of study for the following research:
- The researcher conducted a descriptive study of medication errors in a hospital over 3 years. The number and characteristics of medication errors were the comparison sample.
- The researcher implemented a medication error mitigation program.
- Then the researcher studied the number and characteristics of medication errors in the 3 years before the implementation of the mitigation program. And these results were compared with the 3-year sample prior to implementation.
What is the type of study for this research?

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Kathryn Jack
Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust
A retrospective and prospective single site cohort study to assess the impact of an intervention to reduce medication errors.
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Safaa ELMeneza
Al Azhar University,Egypt,Cairo
The observational study whether cross sectional , prospective .Also retrospective study will help , it depends what type of error .Using trigger tool for specific errors can help too
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Istifanus Usman
Institute of Human Virology
Mitigation studies

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