Asked 26th Dec, 2021

What types of exercises and variables are appropriate for people with Multiple sclerosis (MS)?

What types of exercises and training variables (volume, intensity, repetitions, frequency, exercise selection, exercise order, and rest) are recommended for patients with Multiple sclerosis (MS)?

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27th Dec, 2021
Govindasamy Karuppasamy
SRM Institute of Science and Technology
30th Dec, 2021
Mohannad Mohammad Hawamdeh
Hashemite University
it depends on the case , in general the patient with MS suffering from muscle weakness, abnormal walking mechanics, balance problems, spasticity, fatigue, cognitive impairment and depression.
you can mange it depending on the symptoms .
31st Dec, 2021
Amir Beltagi
Cairo University
25th Jan, 2022
Hamid Mohtasham
Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences
Dear Hamidreza Khalounejad , there are various types of modalities that can be beneficial for persons with MS.
I have explained all types with detailed information such as volume, repetitions, exercise selection, etc particularly during COVID-19 in my latest article, which you can find it here:
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