Asked 6th Jul, 2013

What science teaching method can be best compared? I need something new to work on :)

Ex. Contructivist 5E's vs. Inquiry method
Collaborative Learning vs. Direct Instruction

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19th Mar, 2014
Josee Lebel
University of Ottawa
I find it interesting that you put Constructivist 5Es vs Inquiry Method - Douglas Llewellyn (2002, Inquire Within: Implementing Inquiry-Based Science Standards, p. 47) actually linked the two together in his "Constructivist Inquiry Cycle" - perhaps worth investigating further?
15th Sep, 2021
Nima A. Hussein
The best way to teach science is cooperative learning based on problem solving. The steps of the method are as follows:
1- Raising the problem: in which the teacher presents a set of information, data, or scientific phenomena that arouse students’ interest in the problem under study.
2- Defining the problem: in which the teacher helps the students to formulate the problem and define it in one or more questions in an accurate way.
3- Suggesting solutions: in which the teacher encourages students to present a set of ideas or proposed solutions to the problem that is the subject of the lesson.
4- Discussing solutions: in which the teacher directs the students to test ideas and proposed solutions to the problem, relying on the information and data previously collected.
5- Reaching the best solution: in which the teacher, in partnership with his students, chooses the most appropriate proposed solutions.
6- Generalization: in which the students, under the supervision of the teacher, generalize the results they have reached in solving the problem that is the subject of the lesson.

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