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What is the common way to remove all types of heavy metals from tap water?

is it possible to remove  all heavy metals from tap water if yes how this can be done  ? is there a common technique to remove all or most heavy metals in tap water are applied now ? thanks for all answers

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Ali Abdulkhaleq Alwahib
University of Technology, Iraq
thanks for all answers 

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Mohamed Hassaan
National Institute of Oceanography and Fisheries
many type of treatment or filters but the most common one is AC filter .
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Bachir Achour
Université de Biskra
Dear Ali,
The reverse osmosis unit. This filter installs under the sink, and its installation requires the arrival of a professional. Even more efficient than tap filters, the osmosis system circulates the water through several purification steps. First, the ceramic pre-filter removes dust, rust. Then, a filter composed of DFK (degration fluxion kinetic, which is a zinc-copper alloy) filters heavy metals. A water filter can be fitted to the faucet without the need for special tools. It contains a charcoal cartridge that filters an average of 1,200 liters and needs to be changed every three months or so. It is a particularly recommended system for removing bad odors due to chlorine, but also pesticides, nitrates and heavy metals.
With my best regards
Prof. Bachir ACHOUR
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Virendra Kumar Saxena
National Geophysical Research Institute
Reverse Osmosis is commonly use for the removal/ reducing the heavy metals from water.
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Ali Abdulkhaleq Alwahib
University of Technology, Iraq
thanks for all answers 

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