Asked 9th Dec, 2013

What interventions could be put in place for professional footballers who are going through career transitions?

Currently looking at high level footballers who are going through, or about to experience a career transition within their sport. I am wanting to see what suggestions others have regarding interventions to ease these transitions.

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10th Dec, 2013
Peter McIlveen
University of Southern Queensland 
Charlie, the Australian Institute of Sport operates the Athlete Career and Education (ACE) program. The ACE program is affiliated with the Career Industry Council of Australia; which means that it upholds standards of professional practice. Here is the link to the ACE program:
I hope that the ACE team may be able to provide you some useful advice. Their contact details are listed on the site.
10th Dec, 2013
Charlie Scott
University of Roehampton
Thank you Peter, I will look into it.
11th Dec, 2013
Jos Akkermans
Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
What kind of transition are we talking about here? A transition from one team to another? Or a transition from junior level to senior level? Etc. That probably makes quite some difference with regard to the interventions that could be put in place. I am not sure whether this concept would be completely applicable to professional football players, but you may want to look at the concept of career adaptability. Jessie Koen has published about an intervention with regard to career adaptability of young individuals with regard to the school-to-work transition. Not sure whether this helps in your particular case, but maybe you could look into it. I have also developed an intevention myself which is aimed at developing career competencies of young workers. This is mainly about reflective, communicative and behavior career competencies. Again though, I am not sure whether this can be applied to your specific context.

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