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What are the other solvents suitable for Wohl-Ziegler Reaction (or other free radical reactions) beside toxic CCl4?

Usually CCl4 is considered as best solvent for Wohl-Ziegler Reaction or other free radical reactions (bromomethylation etc). However, several labs/institutes restricted its widespread use due to its toxic nature. What are the other possible solvents that can be used as its alternative without affecting the reaction rate?

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Łukasz Banach
University of Birmingham
On Organic Chemistry Portal you can find that acetonitrile can be a good substitute of CCl4 in Wohl-Ziegler reaction (
From my own experience I can say that I did reaction of vitamin B12 with NBS in 2M acetic acid solution in water and it worked well. It was an oxidation in position 8 of corrinoid system.
Maybe this review will be interesting for You:
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Patrick Killoran
University of Oxford
Ethanol, DEG
Veerender Sharma
Indian Institute of Technology Delhi
DCM and chloroform can also be used.

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